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Texas Taxes

Taxes are a method to raise money for public purposes under a governmental body’s taxing power. Though the taxing power may concern a variety of forms, publications, and measures, taxes may only be collected, imposed,

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Hedge Funds & Private Equity Funds

Finance and investments are two of the most luring and intimidating components of our economy. Though often involving unfamiliar terms, phrases, and math, the concepts of these industries can be understood to help investors optimize

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Simple Debt Transactions

Companies will often borrow money to cover routine operating expenses, purchase new equipment, acquire another company, and many other transactions involved with business activity. This form of financing is known as a simple debt transaction.

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Regulation D: Rule 504

Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses alike often share a common struggle when beginning their venture, securing funds. Unfortunately, without the capital necessary to finance operations, the ambitions of the venture will be limited to the

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